Please Note: LPS1175 is not recognized or published by the BSI (British Standards Institute).

The LPS 1175 standard represents a world-class certification of physical security protection (e.g. doors and windows) for buildings and facilities, as set by the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). The LPCB have worked with industry, insurers, risk assessors and government for over 100 years to set standards that ensure security products and services perform as claimed, and effectively work to ensure buildings are kept safe and secure.

Investing in approved products reduces security risk. The LPS 1175 standard guarantees the quality of protection, and it is important to have a general understanding of the ratings to ensure you purchase the level of security which most suits your needs and requirements. This also reduces the time and cost spent researching and evaluating an array of potential products, or overpaying for unnecessary levels of security.

There are 8 levels of security ratings (SR) which comprise the LPS 1175 standard. The higher the rating, the greater the level of protection the security product will offer. Each security rating refers to the level of risk to a building of forced entry. This could range from an opportunistic attack, to a more targeted or highly planned strike. The classifications are determined by the method of manual attack testing, which looks at the type of attack tool(s) used alongside the time taken for the intruder to gain entry.

SR 1 and 2 are ideally suited to protect against risks to residential properties; SR 2, 3 and 4 cover threats to commercial buildings; SR 4 and 5 represent high security risks; whilst SR 6, 7 and 8 incorporate protection for extremely high security facilities.

The LPS 1175 standard is generally associated with those requiring a higher level of security and protection. The type of security product and related rating that you ultimately select will largely be governed by the perceived level of threat, as well as the required protection for high-value assets.

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